Suggested Use

Clean Spirulina is cultivated in fresh potable water from Hawaiian aquifers and ultra-pure, deep ocean water containing 94 trace minerals & elements. A daily intake of 2 grams per day can be obtained with four 500 mg tablets per day.

Clean Chlorella is a nutrient dense aquatic botanical. Start with one or two tablets per day. Over time, daily intake can be increased slowly to 20 tablets per day. 4 grams per day can be obtained by taking 20 of the 200 mg tablets per day.

If you have never taken BlueGreen Algae (BGA) or Chlorella, then MindJava® suggests that you start with one or two tablets per day. After you are comfortable with small amounts of BGA or Chlorella, slowly increase to the suggested maximum of 2 grams per day for BGA and 4 grams per day of Chlorella.



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